Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Thank you for the thoughtful Valentine gifts Mom received today. It is her second day of chemo and she is feeling a lot worse than yesterday. They were much appreciated pick me ups! She spent most of the day in bed. We are so grateful for wonderful friends who have been so supportive and loving through all this.
Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. Make sure, make sure MAKE SURE she eats! We used to keep ice cold (not frozen, just super cold) Ensure or Pediasure's in the fridge. It gives the nutrient when they just don't want to eat. The Dr's may or may not say...but eating is seriously one of the best ways to fight the chemo and the cancer. It helps the body. Jason said that sometimes it covered up the chemo taste.
    We love you and you are in our prayers...ALL of you!
    Again...I know you don't know me well, but if you'd like to get together to talk and see if any questions come out. I get you may not know what to ask. :)