Saturday, February 4, 2012

Girls Day

The day before we found out Mom has cancer, she got her hair done.
After thinking about it, and the effects of chemo, she thought
it would be nice to enjoy a short cut for a while!
Ken, her hairdresser and a family friend,
was nice enough to re-cut it for her.
We made it a girls day. I was really glad she was feeling up for it.
Mom tends to feel better in the morning and
get more tired or sick as the day goes on.
She has good days and bad days so we're lucky it was a good day.
First, we went to Kohls to buy her some cute comfy clothes,
which we totally scored!
Then we headed over to the salon.
The nerves are kicking in...
Looking cuter!!
After the wonderful haircut...Thanks Ken!!...
We headed to subway for lunch.
 It was so beautiful outside and nice and warm too!
This was our view.
It was such a great day. I will never forget it.
That night, after getting used to the short cut,
we thought it could be even shorter. gasp!
Ken was kind enough to squeeze her in this morning.
And Voila! Cute as can be. I think it looks SO good on her.


  1. Dawna, you are cute no matter what you do with your hair!!!! You just have the face that works with every hair style...long, short, curly straight, you could even have not hair and be cute.

  2. Looks Gorgeous!!! What a special day, the pictures look so magical and memorable!!
    xoxo Jessi