Friday, October 25, 2013


My first round of the new chemo, folfiri was not very pleasant. I left SCCA in a wheelchair, dizzy, and with twitching eyes. My eyes finally got back to normal after about 5 hours. It was a side effect of one of the meds they gave me to reduce an expected side effect that I never got. I won't be taking that again. One side effect of this chemo is a lovely acne type rash which I do have.

I went in for my 2nd round and was neutropenic so I couldn't have chemo that day. Instead, I went in the next three days for shots to help boost my white blood count. So chemo was delayed a week and I went in on Tuesday. Everything went well. I feel good. The only thing is that my hair is thinning big time.  I don't know how much I'll loose but it's freaking me out a bit when I wash my hair and I find big clumps of hair in my hands and also when I style it. I'm trying to stay positive but losing your hair is hard. 

My last CT scan showed not only the tumors in my lungs growing but the one in my colon growing as well. I feel I made the right decision in making the chemo switch. I have gone in for testing on the colon. The pictures show a significant narrowing of the colon in one place which has been giving me problems. I will be going in next week to have a stent put in to help relieve those problems and make me more comfortable. 

I know that whatever we are asked to go through in this life it is for our growth and benefit. I am trusting the process and am striving to stay positive and learn what is meant for me to learn and do what is asked of me to do. I love my family and am strengthened by their support as well as the support of fabulous friends. This would be so much harder without you! I trust in my Savior and know that He loves me and is with not only me but my family as we go through this. All of these things bring me comfort and peace.