Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Results from the 2nd CT Scan

I just got back home from an all day adventure at SCCA. First we did the CT scan and then had 3 hours to kill before meeting with the Doctor to get the results. We went to the mall and had brunch...I love brunch. :)
Then we browsed through some stores and had fun window shopping...wishing money was no object.

The results of the CT scan showed that all tumors are smaller and nothing new has cropped up. Good news!
My cancer marker is now 877! Again, that's down from 16,000 and just last month 1400!
So chemotherapy is working! The Doc gave me a couple of choices. I could continue on chemo as we have been doing or I could go on the chemo pill. The downside of going on the pill is that he doesn't know what dosage will be right for me so we need to start and then tweak it til we get it right. But I chose the pill anyway. Once it's tweaked just right it sounds easier. I still have to go in every three weeks for some kind of infusion...sorry I can't remember what but it's just a small part. And every 2 months I go in for another CT scan.

With all the love and prayers being sent in our behalf it's no wonder the cancer is running scared. I do not feel alone in this battle. I can feel so many warriors standing behind me and beside me in support.
Thank you to all of you for your love, support and prayers. I am glad to have the love of family and friends through all of this.
Ultimately it is not what the doctors say and it is not what we want for ourselves but it is in God's hands and I put my trust in Him.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Cancer Markers dropping like a stone"

"Cancer Markers dropping like a stone" These are the words of my physicians assistant.
The latest numbers have me down to 1400! And I'm on my second round of chemo since then. So they are possibly even lower than that by now. As a reminder Cancer Markers are found in the blood and tells them how much cancer is in me. My origanl number was 16,000.
I started my 8th round of chemo yesterday and will finish it on Wed. It's always a little nerve racking waiting to see which side effects will effect me this time and how severe will they be. I hope it's a good week. I have Corey home for a visit and I would like to feel good enough to run around and have fun with him and the rest of the family. Here's hoping for a good week. Then I have a CT scan next Wed and one last round of chemo after that! Yay!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's day blessings

So, I figured I had better put an update on the blog. I have been handling the Chemo pretty well until this last one. This week was a little tough. There is a side effect that affects the hands and feet. I've had it a couple of times before but never as bad as this week. My feet hurt so bad it was very hard to walk. I'm supposed to put lotion on them to keep them from cracking and peeling. As soft as I could I would apply the lotion but it was still painful. It's a burning pain and very tender to the touch. Even today I went to church and my feet were still a little tender in my shoes. It's never lasted this long before. This along with other side effects has made this week a little tough.
I am still grateful for all the little things that come into my life to make it easy to keep going. This mother's day was the best. I spoke to all of my children including my missionary. It was wonderful! I loved listening as they talked and laughed with each other. My kids really do love each other! :))) I love watching them develop into capable, confident adults and enjoy each other's company. This makes me very happy.
Thank you to my family for the best Mother's Day ever!