Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy Birthday!

It is so hard living on the other
side of the world, practically, from my Mom.
And today makes it even harder! It is her birthday today.
There is only so much I can do from all the way over here.
I figured a public, "Yipee! It's your Birthday!" post would be good.
Mom, I hope you have a great birthday.
I don't like to see you struggle. You are a wonderful example to me and those around you of  faith and good perspective. I looked through some old photos today, which only made me more homesick and miss you even more! I am in awe, as I think back through the years, at your incredible selflessness.
I'm so happy you are my Mom and that we are so close.
Happy Birthday!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Folfiri part two

After delaying the second round of folfiri due to being neutropenic, I skipped my third round due to dealing with complications that happened when the stent was put in. I didn't want to deal with the changes and complications and chemo at the same time so it was my decision to skip one round. Not expecting a diet change because of having a stent complicated life just a bit. How do you eat healthy when they put you on a low fiber diet? Now I'm back on track with the schedule.

The day before Thanksgiving I had a ct scan which showed that the tumors in my lungs are still continuing to grow. The concern is that this chemo is not working. But because I was delayed with one round and skipped another, it may just be that I haven't been consistent enough. The plan is to do two more rounds which will make four consistent rounds and have another ct scan on January 6th. If the tumors are still growing we will move to the third and final chemo option. 

I did so well with the folfox it didn't enter my mind that this one would not work for me. I'm trying not to worry about it until we know for sure what we are dealing with but at the same time it is good to be prepared.

This has been a rough chemo on me, leaving me very weak and tired (not to mention the hair loss). But I continue to feel lifted by the love and prayers that are so generously given in my behalf. I believe they are literally keeping me going. I am so grateful for the support of good friends and family that I am surrounded by.