Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Emergency Room Visits

Saturday January 28th....
Mom, Dad and I went to do a session at the LDS Seattle Temple.
[which was an incredibly sweet experience beyond words]
We got out about 3:00pm.
Towards the end of the session she had been feeling
chest pain going downward.
Her doctors office has doctors on call 24/7
on the way home from the temple we debated going by the office
or just calling in about it to see what to do.
After getting home, she wanted to be at Jason's (what she thought was) last basketball game.
After the game, the pain had intensified.
She was having a hard time taking deep breaths and
having a hard time walking without pain.
She called in to a doctor to explain what she was feeling.
He told us to go to the ER.
Her blood pressure was up to 182.
Her cheeks and chin suddenly became very flushed.
They prepped her for a CT scan and took an x-ray.
She was given pain meds, to which she was called a "light weight"
because of her immediate reaction to them.
She became more comfortable
and her blood pressure came down.
The results from the x-ray and CT scan
did not show the cause of her pain,
and showed she did not have the problems
the doctor were concerned it may be.
Because she was comfortable and they could not see anything wrong,
she was released.
We went and filled a pain med prescription and got home around 2:30am.

Sunday we slept in, laid low and hoped something bad would not happen again.
She said she hasn't had that good of asleep in a long time.
Easy on those drugs mom ;)
We also had a visit from some friends.

On January 30th...
Preparing for her colonoscopy did not go smoothly.
She suffered really intense pains.
She said "No one should ever have to feel that"
"It was the worst pain I'd ever had in my life"
She could not keep anything down and her system was not clearing.
We called the doctor twice
First time they said to discontinue some of the cleanse.
Second time they said
"We're canceling the colonoscopy, something's wrong,
take her to the emergency room"
Just before leaving things started to move.
Which was good news and meant there was nothing blocking.
By the time we got to the ER around 4:30pm she was feeling better.
Not much was done and she was released but understood the
importance of the colonoscopy and decided to reschedule it.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 26, 2012 And All That Led Up To It

Beginning early 2011,
my mom had been feeling low abdominal pain.
Really low. She says the pain would come and go and to her,
felt like it could be gas pains.
She would feel tired and not as energetic as she normally is.
Feeling tired like that was not exactly an alarm.
My mom is known to be deeply involved
with various projects and, well, it can make you tired.
Not exactly a red flag.
In December of 2011, which is also the month she turned 45,
she very quickly developed
a lump on her neck the size of a walnut.
My husband and I were living 5 1/2 hours away while he finished his last year in college. He graduated in December and we came home for 4 or 5 days before leaving for Christmas with his family on the east coast. We left and returned home January 3, 2012.
That was the first time I had seen the lump.
I was shocked it was so big because
I did not notice it when we were with her last.

Other odd signs came up in December.
A few times she would become so exhausted while showering
she had to sit down in the shower to rest.
She felt like she would pass out and
did not have energy to hardly stand.
Suddenly every time she brushed her teeth
she would gag and to the point of sometimes throwing up.
She would feel nauseous when her stomach was empty
and at the same time her appetite was decreasing.

January 4th
The first doctors appointment.
Our concerns were the lump on her neck,
the abdominal pain as well as some side pains.
Her doctor was leaving for France so they set up appointments to run tests and then
they would meet again after she came back from overseas.
The doctor suspected a cyst on her thyroid.
It did not seem life threatening.
At the time we were unsure if all of her pains were related.
The doctor ordered an ultra sound and some blood tests
to look further into it.
Life went on...a little too fast if you ask me.

January 6th
She was diagnosed with RP. Retinitis Pigmentosa,
a degenerative eye disease
that has no cure and leads to blindness.
Her peripheral vision is narrowing.
At the time this was the most devastating news we had ever heard.
My mom loves to quilt and create things and has a very artistic eye.
She has a real talent for design in a variety of areas.
The thought of her going blind was unimaginable.
It is because of her sight that she has developed into who she is.

January 9th
She went in for her blood tests.

January 10th
My parents 25th Wedding Anniversary,
and the day she went for the ultrasound.

January 11th
Her son, Ian, my brother, left to serve a two year mission
in San Diego, California for

She received the results from the tests.
Blood test showed slightly elevated liver function and iron deficiency.
Ultra Sound found that the lump on her thyroid to be a solid mass.
It also showed that her liver was covered in lumps
the largest being 11 cm (4 1/2 inches) in size.

January 12th
She went for the CT Scan.

January 13th
Results from the CT Scan
The CT Scan confirmed the lumps in her liver and her thyroid
and also showed several lumps in her lungs.

January 23rd
She went in for Biopsies of the liver and lump on her thyroid.

January 26th
The world stopped.
She was diagnosed with Cancer.
They do not know which kind yet. They are suspecting colon cancer.
From the biopsies, the tissues pulled from the liver and thyroid
exhibited characteristics like tissue found in the intestine/colon area.

We go in Wednesday, February 1st to meet with an oncologist.

I am humbled and overwhelmed by the blessings I have already seen.
The most important, to me, being,
Garrett and I, living here with my family.
THAT is why we are here. I have no doubt.
The timing could not have been more perfectly aligned.
No other time would we be living with them, for this long.
Garrett graduated in December and begins law school in the fall,
giving us a good 8 months to be in "limbo"
giving us time to be here.
Through that I feel our Heavenly Father's love.