Thursday, September 20, 2012

Aches and Pains

One thing they ask every time I go in for my appointment is "Are you in any pain?" Even though I didn't think it was cancer related I let them know this time that yes, I am in pain in a few different places. They did some x-rays and the results came in today. The good news is, it is not cancer related. The not so good news is, it is arthritis. Boy, does that make me feel old-just because I have it and also the way it makes me feel.
Also, for the first time since starting chemo my numbers have gone up instead of down. They are at 213. It's still a far cry from where I started and could just be a little hiccup. We'll see.  I have one more round of chemo in three weeks before I have another CT scan at the end of October.