Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Heart Attack!"

While Mom was getting her colonoscopy,
some amazing friends stopped by to "heart attack" the house.
This is what my Mom came home to.....
It was the coolest thing walking in and having so many notes of love and support throughout the house.
(I beat Mom home and I couldn't wait for her to see everything!!)
They even brought dinner, fruit, cookies, salad, juice,
more dinners (for other nights), flowers, chocolates, balloons, and more!

It was so thoughtful and sweet.
And thanks to the other wonderful surprises from other days!


  1. Leave it to Rhonda to come up with such a heartfelt, genius plan...I just wish you could have seen how many people were there because they love you! It was like a factory of love elves sprinkling hugs and prayers :-D Go Team Dawna!

  2. Valerie, thanks for sharing this. Your mom is an amazing woman! I will forever be grateful for her amazing love, friendship, and mostly the time she took to be with me and help me beautify my home when I felt so lonely and scared to be so far away from our families. She is an incredibly talented woman! I have admired her from the moment we met. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. That is so adorable!! Thanks for keeping so much information on here! I'm glad to know what's going on. Love you! I'll call you tomorrow, if not tomorrow than the next day or the next day! hehe, I love you!! Wish the best of luck to your mom!