Monday, August 13, 2012

An experience worth sharing

My oldest brother is 57 years old. He had a colonoscopy 7 years ago and wasn't due for another one for 3 more years. When his wife went in to see her doctor she scheduled a colonoscopy for herself. She mentioned my situation and the doctor became alarmed. He told my brother to schedule a colonoscopy right away.
He had his colonoscopy and called to tell me that they found 4 polyps. 3 came back negative and 1 came back pre-cancerous! I am so happy they found it before it became a problem.
Because now there is a family history and a personal history for him he needs to go in every three years.

There was really no way for me to catch mine early since screening for it doesn't start until your 50.
They estimated that my cancer has been growing for about 8 years. Starting at about age 36. I had NO symptoms until this past year and even they were pretty vague.

If my experience can make others aware and help to prevent cancer in someone else I am truly happy. It brings me great joy to know that it has helped my own brother.

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  1. That is wonderful news! You continue to be in my prayers. Love you!