Friday, August 3, 2012

Coming Up

My mom is currently at a girls camp, for our church, as a guest speaker. She was feeling well enough to go! I can not believe the progress she has been making since January, it has been incredible to witness.

In July I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and it has been hard being so far away from her. I have been home since the beginning of it all and not being able to see the day to day has adjustment. It is comforting to know she is feeling good!
I would still prefer to be closer to her.

Her next big appointment is another CT Scan on August 6th,
three days from now.
Let's pray those tumors have shrunk lots more!
I am still in shock how widespread the cancer is. It is hard to believe. But as along as she is still responding to treatment, it is good news and things are continuing to look up...right?

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  1. So Glad you made it to camp. The girls always love hearing from sweet spirits.