Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Dear Readers,
    Whether you have come to this blog on purpose, by accident, because you have been affected by cancer in a loved one or yourself, recommended to read this, old reader, new reader, whatever your circumstance, thank you for visiting this site. This is a journaled account of my Mothers experience with stage four colon cancer. Stage four means that it has spread to other organs. It is that last stage of cancer. She passed away July 16, 2014. The posts talk about treatments, test results, the cancers progression and her physical status as she endures all that comes with cancer. The part that I like to look back on is her account of faith. Not everything was posted on here that she, or our family, went through emotionally or spiritually, but it reminds me of the experiences we had and what I have learned and continue to learn from her strength. I love her perspective here and what she says. I pray this leaves an impression on you and helps to lift you and give you the strength you need, cancer related or not. I encourage you to read her book "Hurdles" that is where her more personal stories are shared. Thank you for letting her touch your life. She was an amazing woman!

This link will bring you to the first post. Be mindful of the dates if you wish to read in order. Unfortunately with 'blogger' the posts are displayed in reverse.

With love,
Her only daughter. Oldest out of four children.

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