Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chemo stopped due to hand/foot syndrome

10 days into round two of my chemo pill and I have the hand/foot syndrome again. They have already reduced my dose due to this side effect. Now they have me stopping all further chemo for this round and I have a week off next week. I guess they will reevaluate when I go back in to them. Maybe they will reduce my dose again. I feel so good other than my painful feet.
I am currently enjoying a visit from my brother and his family. Unfortunately, my feet started hurting the day they arrived so we can't go do much of anything because I need to stay off of my feet. Sorry, guys.
But I'm glad I can enjoy the blessing of family and feeling good.


  1. I'm sorry mom! That stinks big time! Will you switch to the other way again? I wish I could go with you to scca.

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